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What's your story?

What's your story?
You're really good at what you do. But you don't have time to take a step back and see your work the way everyone else does. You're excited about where things are headed, but don't want to be puffed up or arrogant. You want to get the word out but not self promote. 

We can help. 

How are you telling it?

We craft inspiring stories for use in leading publications and media outlets around the world. Our work has been featured in Charisma News, Christian Post, Gospel Herald and more. Proverbs 17:2 says to let another promote you and not yourself, an outsider and not your own lips. On this premise we focus our work on helping ministries grow to the next level and get the attention they need to increase donations and grow their reach. 

Who's listening?
By crafting your story to the target audiences where your ministry can grow, together we get the right message to the right people at the right time. To suppliment our PR efforts we run advertising campaigns as a cloud cover and touchpoint for your organization. 

We'd be honored to help you. Contact us here to get started. 

What do you do?

We started in 2007 helping ministries and non-profits tell a better, more compelling story of their work. Often times non-profits are so engulfed in their work they don't have time to step back and really tell the story of what's been happening. 

The principle we operate on is found in Proverbs 27:2, 

"Let someone else praise you, and not your own mouth; an outsider, and not your own lips."

So, we do just that for ministries and businesses with a cause. We help with PR and news releases to major media, communications, websites, video, advertising through Google Adwords, etc. Really tools in the belt of a non-profit to communicate their message. 

Promise: Isaiah 45:2

I will go before you and will level the mountains; I will break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron. Isaiah 45:2

Design work for UNITENY.ORG

Design work for UNITENY.ORG

Our Guiding Principle

The principle we operate on is found in the Bible of course: 

Proverbs 27:2, Let someone else praise you, and not your own mouth; an outsider, and not your own lips.


Cutting Through the Clutter

Today, more than ever before, the "noise" is getting louder. There's clutter. So many competing voices. The rise of social media and blogging has leveled the playing field, allowing everyone with something to say, speak up and be heard. 

It's also given rise to mediocrity. As the influx of media messaging saturates the market, so rises the opportunity to stand out. Opportunity to cut through the clutter and be heard. To create something worth talking about, opportunity for excellence. There are literally thousands of marketing messages we hear each day, but which one stands out? Which message gets heard, which one sticks? 

That's what we can help your company with. You need to stand out from the onslaught of mediocre with something professional and original. Media worth talking about and sharing. You need to cut through the clutter and connect. That's where we come in. Keep in mind a couple of things to include in every offer: 

1) Great Design

2) Single Call to Action

3) Compelling Offer

Quick Update

It all comes down to serving people.

When we started in 2007 we helped people believe in a better Buffalo and grow in their Christian faith. To support our work of publishing we asked local businesses, churches and ministries to support us by advertising and partnering with us.

In the process we realized these same supporters of our work could use some of the skills and expertise we developed in media production and creative services. 

Things like design, video, photography, printing, websites and promotional items could help get the word out, grow these organizations and propel their mission forward. 

So I wanted to let you know that's what we are working on. We'd love to put our experience to work for you, creative services for organizations with a vision for growth. 

If you or someone you know are looking for help in communicating your story,we'd love to help

Thanks for all your support. 


Kyle Patterson
President, Thrive Media Group

P.S. For the month of July, we are offering a free website refresh. Get started here...

Thinking Win-Win

When I sit down with potential clients, they are usually considering hiring a full time marketing person to handle the planning, strategy and execution of a full fledged marketing campaign. 

Finding the right person can take time, money and as for the retention rate, who knows. 

So when they realize the value that THRiVE! brings and the opportunities we give to actually save money and get more value, it's a win, win. And as for knowing your organization...we make it our top priority to learn and engage with you and your team. On a weekly basis 

The end product is created value, saved time and money and a partnership that is providing long term ROI to your business. 

It's a win-win scenario. 

Give It Away

Trust isn't free.

But it is earned.

When you are willing to put your best content/advice out there as a free gift you earn it.

Add value to others and it eventually is reciprocated.

Give and it will be given to you.

Counter intuitive, yes.

But trust is worth it. Yes, it takes work and the returns aren't immediate. But long term, your business is built on one

How will they know unless you tell them?

One to one messaging works, but scaling that message and targeting the right prospects can lift your organization to a new level. The hard part is getting the message right and in front of the right people through the right channels. The choices seem endless but it's worth the journey.

Multi-Channel Approach

When it comes to getting your product, idea or cause to market, it's comes down consistent messaging across a multitude of channels

It's not only the way people are consuming media that we need to understand, it's the fact that more media than ever is being consumed. 

Here's the rub, consumers are getting smarter than ever at tuning out interruptions. 

So that begs the question, how do you not interrupt potential customers but rather position your product, service or cause in the marketplace as a value add? 

To answer this question, I would ask a number of additional questions: 

1) Who are you trying to reach? 

2) What are their pain points? 

3) How do you solve their pain problem? 

4) How can you get your message across clearly and concisely and call your readers to action. 

With elements of design, color and good writing along with a clear call to action we can make the needle move. All this said on the assumption that you have a good product or cause but just need some help getting your message in front of the right people. 

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What's Your Story?

Your story has incredible power. 

Life changing. Overcoming. Power. 

The power of a story. Your story, can change lives. 

But it needs to be told in a compelling, inspiring way. In a way that connects your constituents with your cause. Inspiring them to action, participation, engagement. 

We can help get you started with our free organizational media assessment. 

No obligation. Free. 

Because it's what we do. 

If you like what you see and want to talk more, we'd be honored. 

Through design, video, web, photography and more THRiVE! can help you connect with your audience and advance your mission. 

We'd love to talk, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch. 

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An Outsourced Media Department

You've heard of outsourced HR. You've heard of outsourced IT. 

Welcome to outsourced media byTHRiVE!. From PR to Media development and services, we take your ideas and put legs to them and make them look good in the process. 

Our team would love an opportunity to save you money on staff costs, benefits and more while providing a higher level of service than staff employees can provide. 


7 Social Media Strategies To Get Results

When it comes to social media for business, there are sometimes more questions than answers. 

This 7 step infographic makes it a bit clearer in the following ways. 

1) Content + content delivery is key. 

2) Understanding trends and changes in social media. The landscape is changing rapidly and you need to stay up to date. 

3) Advertising. Is social media a legit way to gain and attract not just followers or fans but paying customers.

4) What type of firm or person should you look to for assistance. 

5) Understanding data and using it to make better, more informed decisions. 

The 5 Types of Facebook Followers

Engaging your audience on social media means you have to know your audience. Who is following you and what they want out of the relationship. The bottom line is after you get past your friends and family, the rest of the world wants to know what you can do for them. They aren't there to make you feel good, they want to know what your brand or business can do for them. 

Awareness of this is half the battle. Once you know the 5 types of Facebook fans and how to engage them, crafting engaging content becomes easier and more gratifying when audiences engage and share your content online. So beware of these 5 personas and how to best speak to each one. 

YouTube. For Business.

Believe it or not, YouTube is used by more than teenagers and cute cat videos.

YouTube can work for your business.

THRiVE! can help you figure out the social media landscape and what channels will best be utilized for a Return on Investment into your company. 

Here are a few key takeaways on the power of video for your business.